AmiCorti International Film Festival

About Us

The AmiCorti International Film Festival cultural association was established on 20 July 2021 as the successor of the "Gli Amici" cultural association, then established in July 2018, with the aim of giving greater importance to cinematographic activities, which is the main activity of association with the “AmiCorti IFF” International Film



The association is a high-level training institution and pursues purposes of collective interest of social solidarity, non-profit, promoting the establishment of a heritage and the collection of funds intended to favor the didactic-training activities of education and scientific research. as well as the promotion of film and Audiovisual

AmiCorti International Film Festival Association offers advanced preparation for those who want to know the complex machine of Cinema, its management and the commercial development of cinematographic and audiovisual achievements and to promote scientific research and cultural events through the international film

festival, AmiCorti.

AmiCorti International Film Festival Association responds to the needs of those wishing to work in the film and audiovisual product industry to provide artistic and technical knowledge together with managerial and regulatory skills. On this basis, the association promotes the enhancement and dissemination of culture in the audiovisual sectors and the world of cinema, art and entertainment, promoting the development of technical and artistic resources and

cultural exchange also at a supranational level.

The AmiCorti International Film Festival Association, in Piedmont, has as its main activity the AmiCorti IFF Project presented in 2018 and still scheduled. The project boasts the support of the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Peveragno, the Unione Montana Alpi del Mare, the CRT Foundation and the CRC Foundation, and many private


From the year 2019

The Gli Amici association, currently the AmiCorti International Film Festival Association, has created the project, “AmiCorti a Scuola ”-

School / Work Alternation.

This alternation constitutes a way of carrying out courses in the second cycle of the education and training system, to ensure young people acquire skills that can be used in the labor market; the school-work alternation courses are organically included in the three-year plan of the educational offer of the educational institution as an integral part

of the educational courses.

The proposals are research and creativity exercises, which intend to combine lightness, simplicity and quality with unconventional methods; they are also intended to support the institutional, educational or other characteristic activities of the host sites. The program draws an unprecedented circuit between cultural realities of the Piedmont area, which the public can follow, amused, with playful rigor. As part of the Project, a series of training workshops entitled AmiCorti A Scuola - Let's produce a short film has

been underway since 2019.

The AmiCorti International Film Festival association collaborates with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Cuneo. It makes Monviso cinema available to create thematic reviews with directors and producers of national and international fame; collaborates with schools of all types and levels by proposing tailor-made reviews for different contexts; has created and implemented in these two years a series of collaborations with numerous cultural and scientific realities in the area and abroad.

The partners

AmiCorti International Film Festival Association avails itself of the collaboration, in the different territories, of numerous cultural associations and cooperatives, bookshops, libraries, schools and museums, public and private bodies, cultural foundations, as well as freelancers, writers, artists, experts, teachers, professionals, artisans, bloggers, publishing houses, journalists and media outlets.

The Association takes care of the programming of the Amicorti International Film Festival. Located within the Municipality of Peveragno, the AmiCorti IFF is contributing, with its numerous activities, to the creation of a new cultural center, AmiCorti,

dedicated to contemporaneity.

AmiCorti wants to promote a close structural and functional connection between research, teaching, training and promotion and wants to encourage and promote the integration of students into the world of work with appropriate initiatives; wants to aim to offer artistic and technical skills to operate in the sector of the production of cinematographic and audiovisual products.

The main objective is the acquisition of advanced knowledge in the fields of acting, production, post-production, audiovisual executive production, in the context of the current cinematographic and audiovisual panorama; it promotes the development of the international dimension of studies and research by also providing advanced training for the management and industrial and commercial development of cinematographic and audiovisual productions in general. Pursuing this goal, it wants to encourage, with specific measures and through the identification of suitable financial resources, the international mobility of its collaborators.

The Team

The People of AmiCorti

Ntrita Rossi

Artistic Director

Patrick S. Beraudo

Vice President

DI FIORE 9.jpg
Luigi Di Fiore

Deputy director

Anna claudia.jpg
Anna Claudia Pellicelli

President of the Scientific Committee

Gianni Garro

Creative Development

Ombretta Rossi
Claudio Arecco

Technical Director

Nadia Dal Bono

Manager Marketing

Rosella Sulas

General secretary

Weila Comunication

Office Press